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Student/Opportunity Management is not a onetime work, but a process of identifying, communicating and analyzing students, until the student reaches institute and starts course. Student/Opportunity has to go through various stages to reach to the success, which ultimately results in organizational revenue.

Student CRM provides an exclusive interface to store and manage students details and their documents with special fields like enquiry stage, application stage, heard about us etc. A quick understanding of the students can be done through various reports and dashboard. It is of major significance to be able to recognize, analyse and manage these opportunities that may convert into more revenue.

Enquiry Management

What is a Enquiry / Lead: It's the lead which if taken care properly can turn into business and revenue generation. Enquiry Management is one of the process to manage each and every lead properly and taking care whether it is properly taken care of by sales and marketing team. Enquiries are basically unqualified sales opportunities which may be gather from walk in, Newspaper advertisement, seminars, trade shows or any other marketing campaigns for the purpose of sales.

Enquiry Management

Enquiry Management is a essential process of automate the most disorganized, error-prone and inconsistent leads into the centralized, managed and productive way.

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Stages of Enquiry Management
  1. Generate a Enquiry:
  2. Enquiry Allocation
  3. Enquiry Qualification
  4. Enquiry to Application Conversion

Generate a Enquiry: It refers to attracting the student who may be interested in our services through various means like marketing campaigns, education exhibition, education seminars, referrals, Advertisement or online promotional activities. Enquiries can be filled into the system by following means

Manual Filling: User can simply enter student details may be its personal, education, test, experience can be filled into the system very easily.

Get Leads from your website: Turn your website hits into your leads in managed way. Website leads will get directly saved into the CRM, which can easily be followed up by counselors. Now you need not to list each lead and update its status on regular basis, rather your regular work in CRM will automatically maintain your enquiry/leads.

Import from Excel: If user want to migrate from old software or user need to import all old enquiries from excel, it's very simple. Means now you need not to enter thousands of old enquiries into Student relationship management software

Enquiry Allocation:

For the further follow up and establishing relationship with student, user can transfer leads to another local counselor depending on activities or geographical area.

Enquiry Qualification

On first interaction with student, counselor will try to get information from student and if student enquiry qualify then it is taken further else enquiry will turned inactive.

Enquiry to Application Conversion: Once student select the institute and course, his enquiry will be converted to application. Student can even apply for the multiple application to multiple institutes. At this point enquiry management process is complete.

What you will get out of Enquiry Management

  • User can manage leads efficiently
  • You can collect leads from website in a more managed way through this student CRM
  • Enquires can be categorized on Enquiry source basis
  • Standard reports
  • Exports enquiry leads to excel for further manual data analysis

Student Payment Management

User can create payment categories and packages. They can accept payment in particular category and print the receipt / invoice for the student. System has functionality to accept payment in different companies even for different courses etc...

Student Application Management

Application management is a process of identifying, communicating, sending student application, receiving offer letters and student visa processing etc, for a student who is interest in getting overseas admissions.

When there is really competitive market to complete a process, you cannot lag anywhere in the student processing till visa is approved or rejected. Business is always a improvement process, so you should know the reason for closed or win for student analysis.

Multiple Application: One student can apply for multiple programs in same Institute or different Institutes.

Application Status: Each application will have one application status at one point of time. you can always see complete application status history by click of a button.

Student CRM will provide you better student relationship and strong follow-up throughout the process. Now you can manage information easily with the probability and student admission stages. Quick and Detailed analysis of each student is possible through various reports. So in short student relationship management software which is specialized in overseas education or study abroad, can easily help you to retain your student throughout its life cycle.

What you will get

  • Track each application by various admission and visa stages
  • Interaction of application with student visa process, Institutes invoices, payment, enquiry management will give you 360 degree view visibility
  • Configure your application stages by yourself
  • Various alerts to counselor and country manager who are sitting at head office, to let them informed of the latest happening.
  • Locate and remove bottlenecks from the application process.

Student Follow up/Reminder

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One who is aware about the business at any time will succeed. If you know what if going on and what is not going on in your business, will give you better insight of business. Senior should know how their collegues are following the students for enrollment.

What you will get

  • Do follow-up from detailed page, summarized page or follow up page, as good follow up is which is going to make distinction between you and your competitors.
  • Identify your hot and cold prospects and define priorities accordingly.
  • Search follow up updates by users or branches.
  • putting some intelligence into it, you can conclude why you lost this student. Why student didn't respond back.
  • Easily know to whom you need to follow up today and follow them first who are more important to your business.

Student Document Management

Student Document Management

Document Management is always a essential part of your office, specially where there are lot of documents to be managed and all business is set on documents produced. In the elctronic age, its seems to wastage of time to hard filling the documents and keep it for years. Most importantly, after keeping all the documents when you need it, it again takes a lot of time to reproduce that document.

In Student Management System, user can simply scan the document and attached it with comments with the student number/name. Now you can forget everything, just open the SRM and type the student name and documents are in front of you.

What you will get ?

  • Quick to find any document at any time, save a lot of your time by providing instant documents.
  • No need to have one complete library and racks to keep student records.
  • Centralized database location for all kind of documents like application form, student document, Institute offer letter or visa letter.

invoice to Institute

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One of the most complicated part is manually creating the invoices for institutes and remember when to create the next invoice. To tackle different terms and condition for every institute and renew it every year, gives you lots and lots of conditions to be followed up before generating each invoice. Not only generating invoice keep the payment tracks for years also consumes a lot of energy and time. Any mistake simply loss of dollars!

Student Relationship Management (Study abroad CRM) makes it very simple to manage invoice by just click of a button. Once you have filled all Institutes criteria for payments

  1. Update Student Fee Structure
  2. Change the status to Visa Approved
  3. Approve Invoice
  4. Create Invoice

What you will get?

  • There can't be anything simpler than invoicing through automation. Just over a click of button, invoices will be generated.
  • No need to followup for each student for accounts department. As soon as Student Visa is approved, Account department will get alert of the new student visa approval and its time to approve invoicing.
  • You can not miss any student for invoicing.
  • Study abroad CRM will remind you after years also that which student is need to be invoiced to which Institute or Agent.
  • CRM will remind you for payment followup without any extra efforts.
  • Aging report for Institute payment.
  • Estimate generation of cash in next quarter/year.

Q: Is it Possible to add signature on invoice, so that it can be send to Institute directly from software.

A: Yes, You can add the scanned signature. Next time when invoice will be generated in PDF file will include the signature, which user can send it to Institute.

Institute Agreement Management

Institute Agreement Management

Before doing business with the institute, one need to have an agreement signed with the institute for a particular period.

Does it happen with you that you send a student and raised a invoice to an institute and you come to know your agreement is lapsed? to avoid any such kind of trouble, a simple Institute agreement module can give you reminder to renew the agreement before expiring.

Student CRM Analytics

Student CRM Analytics

Study Abroad CRM gives you many analytical reports on all the module. SRM Dashboard give you analysis over the key metrics.

  • Cross linked reports across multiple module can give you better insight of the business
  • Export reports into excel format, can give you extended opportunity to analyze the business.
  • Create summary, tabular and graphical reports
  • Performance Measuring Reports
  • Student Wise Analytical Reports
  • Institute wise Analytical Reports
  • Branch Wise Analytical Reports
  • Fund Management Reports
Email Integration

Email & SMS Integration

To save counselor time and manual writing mistakes we have added feature of sending emails from Student CRM only. Software has the flexibility of creating as many predefined email templates as client needs. t works on mail merging concept on certain keywords, Where counselor/users can just select the template and press the send button. System can send text as well as html emails to students.

Branch / Franchisee Management

Branch / Franchisee Management

If you need to grow, you need to adapt any of these model for presence all over the country or world. Study abroad CRM will help sync the information at branch and head office level. means information updates at counselor level will be transmitted to head office manager and vice versa. Depends on various situation multiple people will gets various updates like Accounts department, Country Manager, Counselors etc..

How it is possible?

This is possible through internal messaging system. CRM has internal messaging system, which can transmit and receive message to various users. Other than manual message sending, there are automatic message transmission based on rules.

What you will get?

Transparency at various level of organization, which can lead to less blame game. Exchange of student documents between HO and branch. Instant and group messaging inside the organization. Intimation of Student status to required users.


System can be well integration with SMS/ Whatsapp and third party dialers

Course Fee Management System

Does it happen to your counselor that they need to consult to their brochures again and again to know that whether the course is present in the institute or its fee or prerequisite.

Although there are lot of institutes and courses already present into the system, still user can add new courses / institutes or edit the existing one as per institutes policies.

What will happen if a student walks into your premises and your experience counselor is on leave. Student question may be generic like top Institutes for MBA in UK or may be so specific like fee and campuses for a particular institute.

What you will get?

  • No fear if any counselor will left.
  • Immediately Knowledge transfer through automation
  • No need to remember
  • Accurate information to student

(It must be a valid official email ID e.g., a email with link will be sent to you on your account)

Role Based Security

Role Based Security

Security has always a major role in the software. We can understand your data security concern and hence designed and developed this application on multiple level of hierarchy. That means you can generate n ranks like if you have counselors who can view their own data only then comes branch manager who can view data of all the counselors of that particular branch, then probably comes with area manager/country manager and then Head Office. All the roles have their own ability to view and change the data. Roles can be extended to multiple countries and their branches, multiple destination countries and their managers etc...

Student Automation

Student Automation

Student/Opportunity Management is not a onetime work, but a process of identifying, communicating and analyzing students, until the student reaches institute and starts course. Student/Opportunity has to go through various stages to reach to the success, which ultimately results in organizational revenue.

Student CRM provides an exclusive interface to store and manage students details and their documents with special fields like enquiry stage, application stage, heard about us etc. A quick understanding of the students can be done through various reports and dashboard. It is of major significance to be able to recognize, analyse and manage these opportunities that may convert into more revenue.

Country Manager

Country Manager is an expert for a specific country who know the complete requirements and policies of the Institutes and visa departments for that country. So the role of country manager is to get the student admission and check all his document for the positive response from visa department. Country manages play a major role in conversation between Institute and Head Office and also helps counselor with the latest information for the Institutes and other visa rules for that country. In young organization country manager and counselor could be one person.

Student CRM and Website Integration

Student CRM and Website Integration

What could be better then given access to your student/customers to visit your website and view their not just status online but also the documents and their submit/view profile online. Even student can visit your website and fill their details online which can saves a lot of counselor time.

Your Benefit

Your Benefit

Specialized product: You need not to adjust with common CRM work flow, as your industry has different work flow and way of working. This product is designed especially for study abroad / overseas education industry and immigration consultants only, may be having one office or multiple offices, my be having presence in one country or multiple countries, it serves all.

No other general CRM can exactly fit into your office, so either you need to compromise according to their flow or you will waste your time of implementation.

Ease of Customization: As most of the development is exactly as per industry requirement, so even if required, few hours of customization can exactly fulfill your need and give you productive results.

Hosted Version: As one of the model is hosted, so you can just start your work in few hours without any haft investment.

ROI in few months:

Less dependent on Staff: Why to ask staff to work in excel which can be fabricated easily, Rather let them just work and system will show you results in your way.

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